At Daily Dose, we believe that animals are largely misunderstood. They live complex lives rich with emotion and deep relationships. They aren’t autonomic, unthinking creatures that we’ve often been led to believe. But examples of how we can love one another.

Together, we believe we can help make a difference in the world and that by empowering the work of animal sanctuaries around the country we can help bring compassion and awareness to our animal friends. The animals at these sanctuaries are ambassadors for their species and it’s through their lives that we get a glimpse into the complexity of their emotional lives. It’s our hope that this awareness will lead to more people choosing to consume less animal products.

One of the most powerful votes you have, is the vote on your plate. Everyday we’re making simple choices through what we put on our plate that have a ripple effect throughout the world. We see these simple votes as not only a way to improve your own health, but also one that can end the suffering in another animal’s life. These simple acts ultimately help to reduce the environmental impact of animal agriculture on our planet.

These animal ambassadors are a doorway into a conversation about diet change, improving our food systems, living harmoniously with nature and bringing awareness for advocacy.

The tireless work of animal sanctuaries goes largely unnoticed in the charitable community. Grants and charitable giving is largely focused toward only very specific animal species. It’s through the selfless work of these animal sanctuaries that it’s possible to see these beautiful animals live full and healthy lives.Some of these animal sanctuaries are barely scraping by due to lack of funding. We hope that through our efforts we can help to fill in some of these gaps.

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”

~ Bessie Anderson Stanley

It’s through these truly grass roots organizations that we can help to improve the lives of animals and educate local communities on the benefits of plant based living.

Together we hope to raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of animals.

It’s for our health, for our animals and for our planet.