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Do you offer a sample of your product?

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to try Daily Dose. That's why we offer our 7-day sample bottle. This gives you a full 7 servings to see how you like the taste and how it makes you feel before committing.

What does it taste like?

It's surprisingly sweet and minty. Some say it reminds them of southern sweet tea or green tea with honey, but it's something you just gotta taste for yourself! 

Unlike a lot of the greens powders we've tried in the past, it doesn't have that freshly cut lawn clipping taste. We wanted to ensure we created a recipe that you'll love to drink daily!

Can I drink this if I have food allergies?

Our greens contain no gluten, dairy, soy, egg, GMOs, MSG, fillers, additives or anything artificial. It also does not contain sucrose, dextrose, maltodextrin, yeast or any added sugar or salt. Where possible, we only used certified organic ingredients. But please check with a health professional if you have specific concerns.

Is this 100% plant-based & vegan?

It's 100% planted based and contains absolutely zero animal products. It also contains no artificial sweeteners, just a pinch of the natural stevia plant. At only 35 calories, there are few diets it won't work with!

How many glasses per jar?

You get 31 servings (glasses) in every jar.

We put 31 servings to account for any settling of the ingredients in the jar, this is really to ensure you get a full 30 servings per month.

Each jar comes with a scoop so you know you’re always getting roughly the same amount, but keep in mind the powder does settle some from sitting in the jar.

How many calories per glass?

There are 35 calories in every scoop of Daily Dose.

Unlike some other powders, you don't need to add extra ingredients (and thus, calories) to make it taste good. You can just mix it with water and enjoy!

Can it help me lose weight?

Daily Dose can be a useful tool if you’re trying to lose weight. It’s not a magic bullet, but when we formulated it, our goal was to create a simple way you can get your daily recommendation of greens in one single scoop.

Another reason Daily Dose might help you lose weight: It’s really darn convenient—just mix it with water. A lack of quick-but-healthy options can be a huge barrier to maintaining healthy eating habits that help you lose weight, but keeping a jar of Daily Dose on hand can ensure you’re never without a nutritious option.

What makes your greens better than others?

Our greens differs from other green powders in a few key ways:

Each glass of Daily Dose has the equivalent of a shot of cold-pressed barley grass juice. Plus, it’s not just greens, but an all-in-one, nutrient-dense drink that contains 20 superfoods loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protective enzymes and more to support both your physical and mental health.

Plus, there is no need to hide it in food. Simple mix it with cold water and stir and you have the tastiest way to get your daily dose of greens!

Daily Dose is incredibly high quality and free of preservatives, cheap filler ingredients, and artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors. Each ingredient is selected with purpose—to support key health benefits.

Plus, it tastes so good you’ll be surprised how crazy healthy it is.It doesn't have any gritty or weird texture and although sweet, it doesn’t leave a funky artificial aftertaste in your mouth. It’s really something you have to try for yourself.

When should I drink it?

The timing really depends on your health goals and daily schedule. Daily Dose is great in the morning as a convenient way to start your day. But it can also be great for a midday boost if you need to power through your workday with minimal distractions; or take it after dinner to help you digest and get good sleep.

But another great time to mix up a glass is when your stomach feels a little off. We find this is a quick and easy way to alkalize your whole system.

We say it’s sort of like a hug for your insides.

How do I use Daily Dose?

It’s really simple.

  • Just grab you favorite glass, add a scoop
  • Pour in cold water (approx 12oz)
  • Then stir briskly.

Drink and enjoy! Depending on your personal taste preference you can add more or less water. If it’s too sweet or minty, try using 14oz of water.

We also have several great recipes you can use Daily Dose in. We love the Mint Chocolate Nice Cream! Our kids often have this as a dessert.

Do I need to take Daily Dose every day?

Yes, we recommend taking one serving each day. As with most things the benefits accumulate over time. Since most our diets tend to fluctuate from day-to-day it’s also nice to have some nutritional insurance. Our philosophy at Daily Dose is that our lives are made of the small things we do daily. This is one of those small things that pays off big over the long run.

Do I have to take it in the morning?

No. If you’re fasting or if your schedule or routine doesn’t allow for you to take Daily Dose when you wake up in the morning, then you can take it later.

It really doesn't matter when you drink it, just that you do it at least once a day.

How long should I wait to eat after drinking Daily Dose?

It’s really your personal preference. Some people may find it’s best to wait 10-30 minutes until after eating. While others prefer to drink it before eating or with their meal.

Ultimately, you want to find the best time and routine that makes it easy to make it a daily routine.

Can I mix it with something besides water?

Sure! The only thing we advise against mixing your greens with is hot or highly acidic liquids as this could affect the integrity and efficacy of some of the ingredients. Try to stick with colder to room temperature liquids.

Can I take more than one scoop?

For most people one glass per day is plenty, but if you’re under a lot of stress or working to really turn your health around, two glasses per day can give a nice boost.

Also, if you’re noticing a cold coming on, under a lot of stress, or your stomach feels a little off these are all ideal times to drink Daily Dose.

How do I know if Daily Dose is right for me?

Daily Dose is really for anyone who wants to ensure they fill in the nutritional gaps on a daily basis. Even if we eat healthy, 80% of the time we can often be missing some key micronutrients in our diet. Over 85% of Americans don’t get enough greens into their diets and 80% of Americans are deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals. This is a simple addition to your daily routine that helps to fill in those gaps.

For example one glass of Daily Dose has 50% of the needed B-12 in a plant-based source. This is great for individuals who follow a vegan or plant-based diet, but also anyone as this is a common deficiency.

Daily Dose is really for just about any age and any lifestyle. The only exception would be for anyone who is taking some form of blood thinners like warfarin as Daily Dose does have vitamin K, which is advised to be avoided while on blood thinners.

How can I connect with other people who love Daily Dose?

Once you become a customer you’ll be invited to join our “Good Vibes Tribe” facebook group. This is a group of like-minded individuals who are looking to become the best version of themselves.

Our Good Vibes Tribe enjoys exclusive news and promotions, as well as an opportunity to hear personal stories from fans just like you. We’d love to have you!

Is Daily Dose caffeine free?

We’re 100% caffeine free. We know that even small amounts of caffeine can accumulate and overstimulate the nervous system.

We want you to experience the rush of natural energy that comes from vitamins, minerals and protective enzymes.