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Apple Fiber

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is a cliche’ we’ve all heard. Apple’s are known as nature’s multivitamin. Packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids apples offer a lot of immune boosting benefits.

With 50% of an apples fiber content containing pectin. This special prebiotic fiber has been shown to have big benefits to the gut bacteria while decreasing harmful bacteria.

  • Prebiotic Effects - Apples contain pectin, a fiber that acts as a prebiotic. That feeds the good bacteria in your gut keeping it healthy.
  • Protects Your Brain - Apples have high levels of quercetin. which help block free radicals from causing damage to the brain cells as well as other cell types.
  • Protect Your Stomach - Apples help prevent oxidative injury to gastric cells and reduce damage to the stomach lining from NSAIDs.