11 Sneaky Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat More Veggies

11 Sneaky Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat More Veggies

Let’s face it — getting our kids to eat more veggies can seem like an uphill battle. No matter how we prepare those greens, for many of us parents, it seems like our kiddos still refuse. The good news is that not all hope is lost! With some sneaky (and delicious) hacks, you can add some extra veggies to your kid’s diet without the fuss.

Read on for the details all parents of picky eaters need to know. 

11 Sneaky (and Yummy) Ways to Get Your Kiddos to Eat More Vegetables 

#1 Sneak Veggies into a Yummy Quesadilla 

If your kids love quesadillas, try adding some finely chopped veggies into the mix! Things like spinach, finely chopped tomatoes, or zucchini are really easy to hide in your kid's favorite quesadilla. 

#2 Or, Make a Chocolate Zucchini Banana Bread 

Believe it or not, shredded zucchini adds some major flavor plus nutritional benefits to the standard banana bread recipe. It’s also a great way to sneak in some veggies! Your kids won’t detect any sort of veggie taste, and chances are, it’ll be a treat the whole family can enjoy. 

Kids not a fan of banana bread? Zucchini also mixes really well into chocolate muffins. 

#3 Blend up a Smoothie

There’s no easier way to get those veggies in than by adding a handful of dark leafy greens to your little one’s smoothies. Add colorful fruits to hide the green color, and you’re golden! And, the best part is that veggies like spinach won’t alter the taste at all, making it super easy to disguise in that blueberry shake. 

#4 Add a Yummy Greens Powder

Speaking of smoothies, you can also add a greens powder to your kids (and your own) smoothie — the trick here is to make sure that the powder actually tastes good and doesn’t leave behind a gritty texture! 

Our Daily Dose greens powder is the perfect way to pack in an added punch of veggies and superfoods with a minty and delicious flavor even picky eaters will love! 

Order a jar today to see just how easy getting more veggies into your kiddos diet can be. 

#5 Add Veggies to Your Taco Tuesday Dish 

If your kids are a big fan of tacos, here’s another super-easy way to add some extra veggies without changing the taste! Try adding some chopped kale or cubed sweet potatoes to your taco base, and if your kids are a fan of guacamole, add a dollop for some added healthy fat. 

#6 Make Cauliflower Pizza on Pizza Fridays 

Pizza Friday always seems like the most exciting week of the night for kids, right? Pizza ranks at the top of many kids (and adults) favorite foods, so why not sneak some added veggies into pizza night by making a cauliflower pizza? You can even buy a premade cauli crust at the store, and most of them taste pretty darn good. 

Top it with your usual pizza toppings, and you may be surprised how much your kids enjoy it.

#7 Add Veggies to Your Kids Favorite Comfort Food Dishes 

Are your kids crazy for lasagna? Try adding some sliced zucchini instead of noodles — you don’t have to completely do away with the lasagna noodles, but even doing 50/50 is a great way to sneak in some added greens. 

Another easy way to pack in some veggies is to make a mac and cheese sauce using some butternut squash. For added flavor, throw in some caramelized onion! 

#8 Blend Veggies Into Soups

If your kiddos love a good homemade soup, here’s a great opportunity to add some veggies into the mix. Start by doing just one added veg (like carrots or celery) — they may be more likely to give some veggies a try in a dish that you already know they love. 

Bonus tip — try pureeing the veggies before adding them to the soup if your kids still refuse the finely chopped veggies. 

#9 Add Veggies to Dips & Sauces 

If you have chip and dip fans in your house, here’s another super easy way to sneak in some veggies. 

Here are some delicious ideas to get the creative cooking juices flowing. 

  • Homemade pesto with spinach 
  • Hummus with cauliflower
  • Salsa with added cucumber, zucchini, tomato 
  • Homemade pasta sauce with spinach 

#10 Use Their Favorite Seasoning

Sometimes all we need is to add a little flavor. Jazz things up a bit with whatever your kid’s favorite seasoning is. 

Some delicious ideas include: 

  • Cinnamon sprinkled on sweet potato cubes 
  • Garlic powder with broccoli 
  • Taco seasoning mixed with lentils and kale 

#11 Get Them Involved 

Another really easy way to get your kids to eat more veggies is to just get them involved! Get them excited about enjoying their veggies by having them help you prep dinner in the kitchen. You may be shocked at how much more willing they are to eat that broccoli when they help prep it. 

Getting Your Kids to Eat Veggies Just Got Easier 

While it can seem totally frustrating every time your kid sticks their nose up at your perfectly roasted cauliflower or hummus and veggie platter, it’s totally nothing personal — lots of kids are picky eaters and chances are, they may come around to loving these veggies down the road. 

For now, try these 11 hacks to sneak in some veggies to your kid’s diet and feel good about all those nutritional goodies your kids are enjoying without the fuss!

Katie Croslow

Katie Croslow, RN, CLC

Katie Croslow is a Registered Nurse, Holistic Health Coach, Certified Lactation Counselor and mother of five. She has worked in many different areas of nursing but her true passion is helping mothers and their babies. As a lactation counselor, she has helped countless women achieve their breastfeeding goals. Katie also enjoys working with pregnant women and new mothers to help them maintain their health and well-being during this important time in their lives.